Finding STEAM Inspiration from the Children’s Museum

After moving five hours away from the Omaha Children’s Museum this summer, I realized just how much I missed it from a homeschooling perspective.

To the kids it’s just a fun place to play. Plenty of activities for running around, playing pretend, getting messy, and everything else kids love to do. For me, as both a parent and a homeschooling mom, the Omaha Children’s Museum is packed with educational activities at every turn.

Now that we no longer have the museum resource close by, I find myself turning to the inspiration of the  exhibits we know and love to help me keep a balanced STEAM education going with my kids. Continue reading

Monarch Butterfly Tagging

Butterflies have been filling our nearby fields with bright colors. We’ve mostly been seeing painted ladies, however the occasional monarch has been spotted and I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of an eastern tiger swallowtail. Last weekend we went out to Hitchcock Nature Center to learn about tagging monarchs. … Continue reading