A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.
I received a sample of the product for review purposes.A Very Squeaky Mystery Book Review #ad

I received A Very Squeaky Mystery from RainbowLeaf Books to review and I’m in love with this story! As with any book I read to my kids, I give it a read through first. After my initial read through I had to call the kids over to read it with me because I loved it so much!

A Very Squeaky Mystery is written by Laura Angelina and Randy Williamson. It is about two boys, twins, who are on vacation in the mountains. One afternoon they hear a squeaking sound and shortly after they start to notice some very important things missing. The pair work together to solve the mystery and take the reader on the trip with them to the surprise ending. Continue reading

Pirate Themed Studies (Omaha Area Fall 2014 Co-op details)

pirate themed coop title

What can I say. I’m jumping into the homeschool co-op feet first.

While I’m pretty well content keeping to myself doing my own thing, plugging away. The kids have other ideas, and I don’t blame them. They want to hang out with other kids, play with other kids and just have fun with other kids.

I tried out one local group earlier this year. They were a great group of people but their teaching styles didn’t match up with mine so I knew it wasn’t the right place for us. A few weeks later I tried out the Nebraska Secular Home Educators (NESHE) for size. I loved it, I fit right in, the kids immediately started playing with the other kids and making friends, it was great. I knew we found a group that just might work for us.

I liked them so much, I joined in the planning committee for the Fall co-op! Continue reading

Food Coloring Tic Tac Toe

Food Coloring Tic Tac ToeWe’ve been doing some work with eye droppers. It’s a great science skill and something we wanted to give them practice with at an early age. Food coloring and water just seemed like something fun the kids would like to help them master the skill. We started by just giving them the primary colors in a glass and letting them mix to their hearts desire.

To have a little fun with this concept and build on it even more we decided to play food coloring tic tac toe. Continue reading

Fourth of July with Betsy Ross and the Candy Canon!

Fourth of July titleFor the Fourth of July we usually stay home, grill out with friends (chicken, hot dogs, brats, s’mores, corn on the cob, roasted veggies, pasta salads, the whole she’bang. Yum!

This year for the Fourth of July we were asked to join in on my brother in laws float, Tom’s Auto Shop, for my hometown parade. My response. Continue reading

How to Make a Leaf Rubbing

How to Make a Leaf Rubbing

Last month we spent a lot of time at the lake learning about the lake habitat. We learned about the water, the plants, the animals. We did a lot of fun outside activities, such as flying kites for the very first time!

One fun art project we did was learning the technique of leaf rubbing. It’s easy and can be used for so many different things.  For now, we just learned the technique, but with practice the girls will be able to use this for a lot of different things such as craft projects, nature journaling, art projects, home decor and more. I always say the sky is the limit when it comes to using your imagination. Continue reading

July Writing Prompts for Kids

July Writing Prompts for KidsThe year is halfway over! Can you believe it?!  Let’s start July with some fantastically, creative writing. I know you all have some great stories in you, so lets get started!

Here are writing prompts for every day in July.  You can use them in order, or pick and choose. Write everyday, once a week or whenever you feel like it.  Whatever you decide, just have a great time. Continue reading

How to Build a Toad House Habitat – Ultimate Nature Study Link Up included!

How to Build a Toad House Habitat - Ultimate Nature Study Link Up included!

Today we went outside for some yard work and we just happened to find that cute little guy up there.  With all the rain and humidity we’ve had lately it’s really bringing out the toads! Amphibians love that stuff to keep their skin moist.

We are homeschoolers of opportunity, just going with the flow each day, and lately we’ve been talking a LOT about habitats and animals.  Immediately, after discovering that sweet little toad there, Charlie knew we needed to do something in our yard for the toads.   Continue reading

The Homeschool List: Educational TV Shows

Educational TV Shows3

Recently I realized, my kids watch a lot of TV. I mean, a lot of it.  When did I lose control!?

The upside of it, they are learning a ton from it. It’s not uncommon for them to spout off some random fact and I have to ask them where they learned that. Almost always, it’s from one of the TV show’s their watching.


However, due to the complaints coming from them more frequently about being bored and wanting to just watch TV, we’re now implementing some new rules. Continue reading

Wednesday Website Shout Out: Reading Eggs

reading eggs

Here we go with another Wednesday Website Shout Out! Today I’m going to tell you about our experience with Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs is a reading curriculum we’ve been subscribed to for several months now. We decided to try it when Hooked on Phonics was causing the butting of the heads between me and Charlie.  Charlie wanted to learn how to read, but just couldn’t get the idea of sounding out words. She tried, but every time we tried, no matter how positive I was to start out with, we ended with both of us frustrated, and usually she was in tears (this is fairly common with her learning new things. She’s just as emotional as I was as a kid.) Continue reading

When Kids Drop the F-Bomb: How We Handle Swearing

When Kids Drop the F-Bomb: How We Handle SwearingKids are sponges. We know that. We’ve known that for a long time. When I say we, I’m referring to the general population. We know that whatever we say is going to be repeated back to us, or someone else, at the most inopportune moment.

The embarrassing, or out right humiliating moments, can come in times such as kids repeating a cute term of endearment to the wrong person. Such as the lady in front of you in the check out. “Hi Chunky Butt!”  Cute for a kid in big poofy cloth diapers, not so much for a grown woman who has no idea who you are. Continue reading