How to Make a Comic Book: Coursera Class

In line with the superhero theme for the month I found a fantastic complimentary online class for you. Coursera is offering a How to Make a Comic Book class. It started on January 2nd, but you should still be able to get in on it.

Through this project based course, your student will learn the process of creating a comic book by creating a comic book. Continue reading

Pirate Themed Studies (Omaha Area Fall 2014 Co-op details)

What can I say. I’m jumping into the homeschool co-op feet first. While I’m pretty well content keeping to myself doing my own thing, plugging away. The kids have other ideas, and I don’t blame them. They want to hang out with other kids, play with other kids and just … Continue reading

Food Coloring Tic Tac Toe

We’ve been doing some work with eye droppers. It’s a great science skill and something we wanted to give them practice with at an early age. Food coloring and water just seemed like something fun the kids would like to help them master the skill. We started by just giving … Continue reading