Bean Bag Toss Game for Teaching Just About Anything

Turn something into a game and more often than not, kids will be interested. Taking something that is normally learned through bookwork and make it a physical game can also aid in learning giving a physical connection to the topic.

That’s exactly what this educational bean bag toss game does. It make learning some topics a bit more fun, adds in some competition for kids who like to compete, and it gives a physical element which is perfect for kinaesthetic (or tactile) learners. This is a simple game and it can be adapted to several topics. It’s a wonderful game to start when the kids are preschool age and update it as they get older. Continue reading

Have You Heard of Fieldschooling?

You’ve probably heard of unschooling, deschooling and homeschooling, but what about fieldschooling?

I’m not one for labels, but the scientist in me argues that they are quite handy for organization and categorization in some situations. In this case labels can be excellent for finding like minded educators or groups who teach in a similar style. Plus, I always say it’s a good thing to be educated on other cultures, even if that culture is already quite similar to your own. Continue reading