Simple Straw and Flower Necklace Instructions

This is a fun project we did a few weeks ago. The girls love creating new things, so I thought I’d pull out some supplies we have an abundance of. Construction paper, straws and yarn. These easy to make straw and flower necklaces are perfect to make for any occasion … Continue reading

P is for Painting Abstracts

Charlie and Lena know their Primary and Secondary colors. Even though they’ve mastered this knowledge, we still revisit it on occasion to show them how they can use these colors in different ways to make artwork and reinforce the knowledge they already have. Earlier this year we worked on Primary Color … Continue reading

C is for Cutting Practice Printables

My kids need some practice using scissors. I decided I’d try out my new Photoshop Elements and create some worksheets. These are the first worksheets I’ve made so don’t critique me too harshly!  I could use a little more practice, but the basic skills of cutting are addressed here, so … Continue reading