How to Build a Toad House Habitat – Ultimate Nature Study Link Up included!

Today we went outside for some yard work and we just happened to find that cute little guy up there.  With all the rain and humidity we’ve had lately it’s really bringing out the toads! Amphibians love that stuff to keep their skin moist. We are homeschoolers of opportunity, just … Continue reading

Wednesday Website Shout Out: Steve Spangler Science

Who’s ready to get their science on! I use this website all the time to get science ideas for the kids, and it wouldn’t feel right if it I didn’t give Steve Spangler Science a shout out.  Who exactly is Steve Spangler? Well, Steve holds a number of awesome titles, … Continue reading

Jeff Corwin Presents about Conservation at the Nebraska Science Festival

Last Friday after the we returned from our mini impromptu Colorado vacation, we rested up for a few hours, then headed out to Joslyn Art Museum to see Jeff Corwin present for the Nebraska Science Festival.  I told you about those tickets back in March, and I’m so glad we got … Continue reading

N is for Nature Walks

We love our nature walks around here. Lucky for us our city has a lot of parks and trails to explore as well as plenty of state parks nearby. When we go out for our nature walks my goal is to always make sure there is a benefit to it, … Continue reading

M is for Marshmallow Structures

The other night we decided we wanted to do something a little sweet. Nothing sweeter than learning about structures, strength and foundation, then eating the results. Yum! The kids were excited as soon as the marshmallows came out. As soon as I showed them they could build with them, they … Continue reading