Monarch Butterfly Tagging

Butterflies have been filling our nearby fields with bright colors. We’ve mostly been seeing painted ladies, however the occasional monarch has been spotted and I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of an eastern tiger swallowtail. Last weekend we went out to Hitchcock Nature Center to learn about tagging monarchs. … Continue reading

How to Build a Toad House Habitat

Today we went outside for some yard work and we just happened to find that cute little guy up there.  With all the rain and humidity we’ve had lately it’s really bringing out the toads! Amphibians love that stuff to keep their skin moist. We are homeschoolers of opportunity, just … Continue reading

N is for Nature Walks

We love our nature walks around here. Lucky for us our city has a lot of parks and trails to explore as well as plenty of state parks nearby. When we go out for our nature walks my goal is to always make sure there is a benefit to it, … Continue reading