Fourth of July with Betsy Ross and the Candy Canon!

For the Fourth of July we usually stay home, grill out with friends (chicken, hot dogs, brats, s’mores, corn on the cob, roasted veggies, pasta salads, the whole she’bang. Yum! This year for the Fourth of July we were asked to join in on my brother in laws float, Tom’s … Continue reading

July Writing Prompts for Kids

The year is halfway over! Can you believe it?!  Let’s start July with some fantastically, creative writing. I know you all have some great stories in you, so lets get started! Here are writing prompts for every day in July.  You can use them in order, or pick and choose. Write everyday, … Continue reading

How to Build a Toad House Habitat – Ultimate Nature Study Link Up included!

Today we went outside for some yard work and we just happened to find that cute little guy up there.  With all the rain and humidity we’ve had lately it’s really bringing out the toads! Amphibians love that stuff to keep their skin moist. We are homeschoolers of opportunity, just … Continue reading

Wednesday Website Shout Out: Reading Eggs

Here we go with another Wednesday Website Shout Out! Today I’m going to tell you about our experience with Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is a reading curriculum we’ve been subscribed to for several months now. We decided to try it when Hooked on Phonics was causing the butting of the … Continue reading

When Kids Drop the F-Bomb: How We Handle Swearing

Kids are sponges. We know that. We’ve known that for a long time. When I say we, I’m referring to the general population. We know that whatever we say is going to be repeated back to us, or someone else, at the most inopportune moment. The embarrassing, or out right … Continue reading

Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my Birth

Ok remember back in April when I promised you I’d tell you more about how I was born in a library? Well, here it is! I should say Tales from the Non-Fiction Section, but we weren’t in that section and Fiction is much more suiting to my life since most … Continue reading