V is for Vacation Bucket List

If I wrote a complete list of places to visit for homeschooling, this list would never end! Instead, I decided I’d pull five of my homeschooling vacation bucket list locations randomly out of a hat and tell you a bit about them.  Here are just a few of the places … Continue reading

S is for 7 Starter Spelling Word Lists

  I finally decided it’s time to get started with spelling words. Charlie starts first grade soon, and shortly after that we’ll be starting Lena on Kindergarten (although I really don’t like labeling their grade level since we teach a variety of levels depending on where the kids are with … Continue reading

P is for Painting Abstracts

Charlie and Lena know their Primary and Secondary colors. Even though they’ve mastered this knowledge, we still revisit it on occasion to show them how they can use these colors in different ways to make artwork and reinforce the knowledge they already have. Earlier this year we worked on Primary Color … Continue reading

M is for Marshmallow Structures

The other night we decided we wanted to do something a little sweet. Nothing sweeter than learning about structures, strength and foundation, then eating the results. Yum! The kids were excited as soon as the marshmallows came out. As soon as I showed them they could build with them, they … Continue reading