Wednesday Website Shout Out: Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies

I’m addicted to homeschool blogs. I find them everywhere, Pinterest, Bloglovin, random web searches for the information and activities I need. They are everywhere and they are awesome.  I decided, because of my love of awesome homeschooling blogs I would create the Wednesday Website Shout Out.  I don’t know if I’ll … Continue reading

Five Awesome Free Writing Resources for your Elementary-Aged Homeschooler

**I would like to thank Nikolas Baron,  from Grammarly, for sharing this guest post on awesome free writing resources.** Getting back into a homeschooling routine after a long weekend can be difficult, especially when our focus for the day is on developing writing skills. While children always love the ability to express themselves, … Continue reading

Jeff Corwin Presents about Conservation at the Nebraska Science Festival

Last Friday after the we returned from our mini impromptu Colorado vacation, we rested up for a few hours, then headed out to Joslyn Art Museum to see Jeff Corwin present for the Nebraska Science Festival.  I told you about those tickets back in March, and I’m so glad we got … Continue reading

Library Resources

Libraries are one of our top resources for finding educational materials. There is such a variety and amount of information it would take a lifetime to consume every bit of material. Every library is different. Some have more resources than others, but they all have something educational. Librarians will also … Continue reading