Pirate Themed Studies (Omaha Area Fall 2014 Co-op details)

What can I say. I’m jumping into the homeschool co-op feet first. While I’m pretty well content keeping to myself doing my own thing, plugging away. The kids have other ideas, and I don’t blame them. They want to hang out with other kids, play with other kids and just … Continue reading

My Favorite Discussion Points from The Secret Garden

I mentioned a couple of months ago that the girls and I love to read books together. They are still young, only 4 and 6, however the snuggle time in Mommy and Daddy’s bed is a huge treat to them so they like to listen to bigger books even though … Continue reading

Teaching our Kids About Memorial Day

I won’t lie. We grill out frequently for Memorial Day weekend. It’s a delicious, delicious tradition. I’m mighty handy in the kitchen with the prep work, and my husband mans the grill like a pro.  We also spend the weekend getting projects completed, housework caught up on, and if we’re … Continue reading

Five Awesome Free Writing Resources for your Elementary-Aged Homeschooler

**I would like to thank Nikolas Baron,  from Grammarly, for sharing this guest post on awesome free writing resources.** Getting back into a homeschooling routine after a long weekend can be difficult, especially when our focus for the day is on developing writing skills. While children always love the ability to express themselves, … Continue reading