Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my Birth

Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my Birth

Ok remember back in April when I promised you I’d tell you more about how I was born in a library? Well, here it is! I should say Tales from the Non-Fiction Section, but we weren’t in that section and Fiction is much more suiting to my life since most of it is pretty well unbelievable.

Anyway, here we go. This is my story. You’ve been warned.

My mother was the Library Director for the Fullerton Public Library for years. She was the director well before I was born and only stepped down from that role this past year (I’m 34 to give you a bit of time perspective).  So, I’ve been a part of the library my entire life.

This isn’t a metaphor for saying my mom was a librarian so I was surrounded by books so it was like I was born in the library. No, it’s a little more interesting than that, though I do have to say it has molded me into the person I am today and may be a factor in my decision to want to homeschool the kids.  You know what they say about people who have been around books their whole life:

I like big books

Ok, maybe that’s just me that says that? Anyone?

Anyway, I’m getting off topic, so when I was born oh so many years ago, this was the library:

Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my BirthIt looked a lot better back then. I heard a rumor that this old Carnegie Library will be torn down in the near future. With the broken windows, old electricity, heating and air, and deteriorating wood throughout the building, possible mold, as well as no easy way to make this building handicap accessible, it’s no wonder it’s lost it’s function. But this was where I spent a good many days. I hung out here after the library was closed while my mom finished up work. I was there before hours as we got the new books, magazines and newspapers ready for the patrons. I spent hours upon hours volunteering my time with story hour, summer reading, pulling old books, repairing books, covering books, stamping books, maintaining the card catalog (yes we had one of those back then) and so much more. I loved this place.

Where is the library now you may ask?

Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my BirthThe library was moved around 1993 or 1994.  I don’t remember the exact year it moved, but I do remember the process. Here is the important part of this story.

That building up there.

When I was born that was the hospital. That’s right, I was born there and the nursery was what became my mom’s office.  We always joke that I was born in the fiction section, although that wasn’t true. However, I was born in the building that became the library.  When the library moved over one of the bigger newspapers decided to run an article about our story and how I was born in the library. As a preteen/teen from a small town, that was a pretty big deal to me.

Since then I’ve moved away and I don’t have as much involvement with the library, though I do go down to do a presentation every now and then. My most recent was a summer reading presentation I did about geocaching. My mom still works there, though not in the capacity she had before.

As I mentioned before, the library always has had a place in my heart and it always will. I will make sure our kids know and love the library, get involved with the programs as well as volunteer their time.

“A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.” ~Norman Cousins

Do you regularly visit the library? What is your favorite section? Tell me in the comments.

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4 Responses to Tales from the Fiction Section: The Story of my Birth

  1. We have a Fullerton in California, too. I kept waiting to read when you had moved.

    I love libraries. They are sacred spaces to me. A book I am reading right now about the Nancy Drew writers shares how one of the original “Carolyn Keene” writers was so hungry for books when she was a child in the 1910’s and the only library was seven miles away from her (in Iowa) and she couldn’t get a ride there…. so she read literally anything. Anything she found lying around.

    My favorite section in the library changes, but I love letters and diaries from past writers, especially women. I could spend days just thumbing through them, reading for quote possibilities and wisdom. I love the friendly (almost blog like!) tone in the voices of these women, some of whom are long gone.

    Every once in a while I will treat myself to an afternoon at the library. I will take out a bunch of poetry books and literally get word-drunk. I’ve made some good poet friends this way… on the stacks, between the pages.

    Great post, Mary. Long live the library!!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted…Fitness 5 on Fridays: I Did It – Goal Accomplished and to Be Continued thanks to #f5onf via @jvkomMy Profile

    • Mary says:

      We know all to well about Fullerton California. Often we’re mistaken for that place in the news when someone from our little town does something awesome, lol. I really should treat myself to an afternoon at the library without the kids. I love having them there with me, but it’s impossible to look for things for me when they are so friendly. They’ll talk *loudly* to everyone and anyone, lol.

  2. Sarah Day says:

    Oh, my gosh that’s funny. No wonder you are such a masterpiece!
    Sarah Day recently posted…Fitness 5 on FridayMy Profile

    • Mary says:

      Oh my gosh, my life has just been one crazy story after another, lol. Someday we’ll sit down for some drinks and share life stories.

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